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Name:welcome to the language club!
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:so you want to practice writing a new language? join the club!
So, you're learning a new language, but you don't have anyone to practice with? Join the club!

The Language Club is a judgment-free community dedicated to the study of languages. Whether you're taking classes or studying independently using online sources or other programs, this is a community where you can put the language you're studying into use by posting about whatever comes to mind. As the 'club' grows, so too will people who speak your language join and comment to your entries, and before you know it, you'll be having your own little online conversation in a foreign language!

There's no specific subject; all you have to do is practice the languages you're studying. You could post a simple "let's talk in (insert language)!", you could try translating something into a foreign language, you can even write random entries about what you're doing or thinking and communicate with others that way. On the other hand you can post things that you think other club members might be interested in, such as language surveys, articles, etc. Anything goes, as long as our love of language brings us together!

As said, this community is 'judgment-free.' What does that mean? It means we're all in the same boat-- that is, all trying to learn languages. Some of us might be more advanced at a language-- some might even be native speakers-- but some of us might be just starting out. But we're all here for our love of languages, so it wouldn't be fair for one member to put another down because they're 'not good enough.' Don't hurt them, help them! If you can't check your judgment at the door, this club isn't for you.

There are very few rules to this community-- whatever we've got, you'll see in the middle column. They're really simple to follow, so we're crossing our fingers that people won't break them. Failure to do so could end with people getting banned or the community being closed, and to be honest, we don't want to do either! Play nice, guys!
1.0 → There's no irrelevant subject in this community. You can post anything from asking people how they're doing today, to talking about that new (insert something cool) you bought at the mall, to talking about what languages you're interested in or helping people with (insert difficult grammar). This is about saying whatever you want to say, as long as it's in a foreign language. Similarly, you can reply to posts as long as you're speaking their language!

1.5 → Please tag your entry with the language you're speaking so other people who speak it can find your entry better! Use the name of the language as it's said in that language-- for example, Spanish would be Español, French would be Français, etc.

2.0 → The Language Club isn't a place to learn a new language from scratch-- if anything, it's a supplementary tool for those who are already practicing. If you need help with some vocabulary or grammar that you don't quite get, a more advanced member of the club can help you out, and that's definitely within the bounds of what goes on here. But if you don't know the language at all and are looking for a teacher instead of a tutor, we might not be able to help you out.

3.0 → The point of the community is to speak a foreign language, so try not to use your native one! There are exceptions, though; for example, if someone else is practicing your language and you want to reply, or if for some reason you don't get to use your native language often. Otherwise, try to practice the languages you're studying!

3.5 → You can introduce yourself in your native language if it's more comfortable for you, or do it in English to (presumably) reach more people.

4.0 → No judgments! We're all here to learn languages, so it's not fair to put others down. There's a difference between "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG," and "you're doing it wrong, but here's how to do it right!" Constructive criticism is a charter member of this club!
getting started → Membership is unmoderated, so you can start posting as soon as you join up! Don't be shy and please say hello to the other members. Let them all know what languages you're studying and for how long, etc. Introductions are as open-ended as the rest of this community!

helping out → Love the club and want to help? There are plenty of ways to do so! First and foremost, please follow our rules. Second, ask to become a moderator with the community, and be on the lookout for potential rule-breakers. You can also offer to help members where they need it, or if they need it. Most importantly, please spread the word by letting your fellow linguophiles know about us! Without members, many members will be stranded without speaking partners.

questions and concerns → Right now, your moderator is [personal profile] venice. Please don't be shy to comment to or PM them anywhere if you have any questions or comments about the community! Need some clarification on the rules? Think the community can be run a little differently/more efficiently? Feel free to address any issues you might have. No question will go unanswered!

staying cool → This css stylesheet was made by [personal profile] karanguni for Dreamwidth's Transmogrified layout. Snazzy, isn't it?

having fun → Well, we hope that's what you're doing, anyway!
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