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The use of English in this post has been approved by [personal profile] venice. xD

I thought it'd be fun to share songs in foreign languages! I always find it a fun way to practice my skills. (And I love collecting music.) So post your foreign-language versions of Disney songs, cast recordings, popular music, or other kinds that I forgot!

I'll start off with mine:

Prince Ali, from Aladdin
Ce rêve bleu (A Whole New World), from Aladdin
Comme un homme (I'll Make A Man Out Of You), from Mulan

Gutes Tun (No Good Deed), from Wicked
Solang Ich Dich Hab (As Long As You're Mine), from Wicked

Jinnsei Wo Odori-Akase (Dancing Through Life), from Wicked
Popyuraa (Popular), from Wicked
And I have a CD of various Disney songs in Japanese that I can upload if anyone wants it!
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welcome to [community profile] languageclub!

languageclub is a community for the practice of foreign languages. here, you can say whatever you'd like, no matter what it is, as long as it's in a foreign language. you can also reply to other people's entries! there aren't many rules aside from these, so when you see this, you can write your entries! please have fun here!

bienvenido a [community profile] languageclub!

languageclub es una comunidad para la práctica de lenguas extranjeras. aquí podéis decir algo que queréis, con tal de que sea en una lengua extranjera. ¡y podéis responder a entradas de los otros también! no hay muchas reglas aparte de éstas, así que cuando miráis ésta, ¡podéis escribir sus entradas! ¡por favor que divertid aquí!

benvenuto a [community profile] languageclub!

languageclub è una comunità per la practica delle lingue straniere. qui potete dire qualcosa che volete, finché che è in una lingua straniera. potete rispondere alle voci di altre persone anche! non ci sono molte regole a parte queste, in modo che quando si vedete questo, podete scrivere voci! per favore che divertite qui!

[community profile] languageclubへようこそ!

languageclub外国語を練習するためのコミュニティ。 ここに外国語だったら、何でも好きなことを書き込めて、他人の日記にもコメントできる!ルールはその以外であまりなくて、これを読んだ後で自由に日記を書き込める!じゃ、楽しんでね!


welcome to the language club!

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